Kitchen #016: modernity and brilliance in Aire-la-Ville

Kitchen #016: modernity and brilliance in Aire-la-Ville

In October 2021, we transformed a culinary space in Aire-la-Ville by designing and installing a distinguished kitchen characterized by its clean and modern style. The handle-free furniture and high-gloss lacquer fronts provide a sleek, reflective surface that enhances the room’s brightness. The Dekton worktop, model Eter, perfectly complements the matte glass backsplash, creating visual harmony while ensuring strength and durability.

We further enhanced this setup with four high chairs, chosen from a wide range of materials and colors. This attention to detail not only ensures optimal comfort but also allows for extensive customization to meet each client’s tastes and requirements. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating both aesthetic and functional spaces, where every element contributes to a pleasant daily culinary experience.

Customer review:

Very friendly, professional and constructive collaboration with Mr. and Mrs. Dal Moro. I am very happy with my new kitchen, which is as aesthetic as it is functional and pleasant to use on a daily basis. I fully recommend their services.

City: Aire-la-Ville
Date: October 2021