Bathroom #023: complete renovation and modernization in Bursinel

Bathroom #023: complete renovation and modernization in Bursinel

In September 2021, before moving in, our clients wanted a radical transformation of their main bathroom while refreshing the guest bathroom. For the guest bathroom, without altering the wall structures, we opted to retile the floor and paint the sloping ceiling white, thus bringing light and a sense of space. The furnishing was completely revamped with the installation of a new cabinet, a modern sink, a sleek mixer, an elegant mirror, and a contemporary shower partition. This approach not only beautified the space but also optimized its functionality and aesthetics.

The renovation was marked by meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to the established schedule. Our clients’ satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to providing high-end solutions that transform spaces while precisely meeting individual needs. Our personalized approach ensures that each project reflects the aspirations and lifestyle of the occupants, making every home a more pleasant and functional place.

Customer Review : 

Bathroom renovations We renovated our two bathrooms with the Dal Moro’s and it was a great experience. Not only are they showing great professionalism, exact planning, taking every question seriously ,surmounting any problem with great thoughtfulness and very positive attitude, always responding ….and we had a magical transformation of our bathrooms , one we never thought possible. We always felt like taken good care of and will definitely choose their services again. A big thank you to Marie and Frédéric Dal Moro

City: Bursinel
Date: September 2021