Kitchen #036: complete makeover in Gland

Kitchen #036: complete makeover in Gland

In October 2022, an ambitious project was carried out in Gland, where a kitchen was completely renovated, also involving upgrades to the adjacent bathroom. The work included removing old tiles to make way for new ones, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces. The installation of a drop ceiling with integrated spotlights modernized the area, providing warm and even lighting.

Insulation and wall doubling were carried out to ensure increased comfort and better energy efficiency. Fresh painting of the walls and ceiling brought a breath of freshness and brightness. The highlight of this renovation was the installation of a Dekton countertop, known for its durability and elegance. This high-quality material transformed the visual space while promising enduring resilience.

Customer review:

I did not regret having called on you to manage all of this… .

City: Gland
Date: October 2022