Kitchen #044: elegant transformation in Arzier

Kitchen #044: elegant transformation in Arzier

Our recent project in Arzier has transformed a traditional kitchen into a modern, functional space. The magnolia-framed facades, complemented by black-colored handles, blend style and practicality. The high cabinets, featuring black-framed glass, add a touch of elegance. State-of-the-art appliances, including a V-Zug oven and a Liebherr wine cooler, underscore our commitment to quality and innovation. The metallic backsplash between cabinets, equipped with magnetic accessories, optimizes space utilization while adding visual appeal.

The work on the Olive Green granite countertop from South Africa and the matching steel table demonstrates our attention to detail and commitment to durability. The meticulous painting of the walls and ceilings, both upstairs and downstairs, was carried out with extreme care to ensure a flawless finish. Every element of this renovation was meticulously planned and executed, reflecting our expertise in transforming living spaces. We also coordinated all the work, ensuring a smooth transition through each project phase, right up to the installation of ceiling lighting and the careful selection of chairs.

Customer review :

From the start the experience with the Dal Moros was excellent. Good advice, patience, excellent knowledge in design and execution and always finding a way to meet our needs. In any renovation project there are always some unexpected surprises. What makes all the difference is how they are addressed. The Dal Moros listen, evaluate options, discuss and find solutions. We have had a very different experience in the past, so this experience was a relief and a joy. We still cannot believe how amazing our new kitchen is and are looking forward to our new bathroom.

City: Arzier
Date: September 2023