Bathroom 013

Bathroom 013

  • Our customers wanted a new atmosphere in their bathroom
  • We redid everything from floor to ceiling
  • We dressed the paneling with placo / smooth paint to soften the atmosphere
  • The whole bathroom is in warm beige / brown / wood tones
  • Corian worktop with molded basin
  • Custom furniture with black grooves
  • Mirror with black frame (to recall the black of the throats), illuminating mirror with sensitive key and anti-fog function
  • Creation of a niche in the wall of the tub / shower (no more products lying around on the edge of the tub)


Customer review:

A real pleasure to work with this friendly and professional couple. We were able to benefit from astute advice but also from significant help in the choice of materials. We trusted them for the realization of our bathroom and do not regret it. The result has lived up to our expectations and we can only recommend them.

Jean-Marc J.

City: Gland
Date: December 2020